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Interview with Pilot Officer Aaron Dimmock

1) Have you served in the RAF?
No I haven’t as I’m only 21!

2) How long have you been an officer for?
I have been an officer for just 1 year.

3)What do you do as a squadron adjutant?
I am responsible for all the squadron administration (eg medical forms, CRB checks)

4)Were you a cadet?
Yes, I joined Newcastle squadron at the age of 13 and eventually became a Cadet Warrant Officer.

5)Why did you transfer to 239 squadron?
I felt that I needed a new challenge in my career in the ATC.

6)What were your high points as a cadet?
My high points were definitely taking part in Nijmegen, corps marksman, going to the camp in Cyprus, and representing Wales and West at target shooting.

7)What is your best memory of your time as a cadet?
That has to be going to the the camp in Cyprus.

8)What are your career aspirations within the ATC
I would like to become the next CO of 239 (Longton) Squadron

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