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Our new member of staff Sgt. John Fenna

1) How old were you when you joined the cadets?
I was 12, although I was not allowed to participate in any activities until I was 13.

2) How many times have you been flying?
I have spent 70 hours in a glider, 60 in a tutor, and 2 hours with the Red Arrows!

3) Where do you see you future in the ATC?
I would like to be Wing Warrant Officer.

4) What you would like to see 239 achieve?
I would like 239 to be in the top 5 at next years Wing Field Day.

5)What plans do you have for the cadets at 239?
To be the best that they can be!

6)What were your high points as a cadet?
I got to meet the Queen, escorted Prince Charles on parade, and defi- nately flying with the red arrows.

7)What is your proudest achievement?
Without a doubt that has to be escorting Prince Charles on parade.

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