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An interview with Sgt. Martin Brindley

1) Tell us a little about your career in the RAF?
I started as a cadet at 235 squadron in 1973 and I got Cpl quickly. I joined the air force at 16. My role in the RAF technical trade-mechanic.

2) Describe your role at 239 Longton squadron?
I am the oldest in the squadron. My main role is Health and Safety Officer and also helping with modelling and first aid.

3) Did you go air cadets when you were younger?
Yes at the age of 13-16 at 325 and my rank was a Cpl.

4) What are your most proud moments while being in the RAF?
Attending the passing out parade and quitting smoking (this is a personal achievement).

5) How long have you been a Sgt for?
3 years, 4 years at Christmas.

6) Where do you see your future with 239 Longton squadron?
Achieve Flight Sgt before I retire, have the mosquito model finished and make sure all the cadets have achieved a good education within the RAF Air Cadets curriculum.

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