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New O.C For Staffordshire Wing

I am deeply honoured to have been selected by Comdt AC for the post of OC Staffordshire Wing and look forward to working with you all to ensure we remain the best Wing in the Corps.

Firstly I would like to pay a personal tribute to Wg Cdr Kearns. Wg Cdr Kearns has been a dedicated and hard working member of the Wing for over 30 years and much of the suc- cess of the Wing is due to his persona

l involvement. We wish him well in his new role as OC Greater Manchester Wg.

Our Wing has a long history of achievement and one that I intend to work hard to continue. My vision for the Wing will see several changes to how we currently operate and will rein- force our focus on deliverying the cadet experience, developing and valuing our staff.

I intend to make further announcements shortly and will, by the end of September, confirm the new structure of the Wing and postings of WSOs. In the meantime its business as usu- al and any queries should be directed to the relevant WSO or Wg HQ.

Staffordshire is a great Wg and together as one team we can make it exceptional.

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